AMC announces Digital Resource Upgrade project

On 1 November 2018, the AMC will begin a major overhaul of its online resources, i.e. LAEME (A Linguistic Atlas of Early Middle English), LAOS (A Linguistic Atlas of Older Scots), eLALME (An Electronic Version of a Linguistic Atlas of Late Mediaeval English), and CoNE (A Corpus of Narrative Etymologies from Proto-Old English to Early Middle English). Our goal is to provide users of these resources with new interfaces to improve their experience of data access and display. This work is in direct response to the feedback you gave us via the User Survey we conducted last autumn. The project will also ensure the sustainability of the underlying data, which is currently at risk of obsolescence.

The project will be led by Rhona Alcorn (AMC Depute Director) and undertaken by Vasilis Karaiskos (Informatics) with the assistance of colleagues at the University of Edinburgh’s Digital Innovation Team. Vasilis is already familiar with the design of these resources, having worked directly with Keith Williamson, their original web designer: consequently, we expect this work to take between six and twelve months to complete.

AMC Director, Bettelou Los said: “LAEME, LAOS, eLALME and CoNE are scholarly masterpieces but their users have told us that their contents can be difficult to get at. This project will extend the reach of these resources and ensure that they continue to inform research into the linguistics of mediaeval English and Scots by future generations of scholars.”

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