AMC Catchup Sessions

The AMC Catchup Sessions are a new series of informal gatherings for historical linguistics researchers at Edinburgh. They are meant as an opportunity to find out what other AMC-linked staff and students are working on, to try out new ideas, discuss data, and more generally, to provide a sense of community.

Sessions are usually led by a member of staff or student who tells us a bit about their current research interests and walks us through and idea, data-set or methodology. The group is invited to comment, propose solutions, find links with their own work, and provide an overall ‘sanity-check’ for the contributor’s project.

To emphasise the social side of the Catchup sessions, we provide something sweet to share at every session. Attendees are encouraged to bring a hot or cold drink.

The organisers are currently Bettelou Los, Lisa Gotthard and Ben Molineaux.

If you would like to be added to our mailing list or would like to be a contributor to our sessions, email us at:

Contributions past and present:

Spring 2023

  • 17 May 10:00am, Room 1.17, DSB: George Walkden (Konstanz)
  • 10 May 10:00am, Room 1.20, DSB: Lisa Gotthard
  • 26 April 10:00am, Room 1.17, DSB: Brandon Kieffer
  • 19 April 10:00am, Room 1.17, DSB: Ina Mangold
  • 29 March 10:00am, 7.01, DSB: Pavel Iosad
  • 1 March 10:00am, Room G.05, Appleton Tower: Danny Bate
  • 8 February 10:00am, Room 7.01, DSB: Bettelou Los

Autumn 2022:

  • 23 November 10:00am, Room LG 0.6, 40 George Sq: Nadine Dietrich
  • 01 November 10:00am, Room LG 0.9, 40 George Sq: Mar Nieves-Fernández (Vigo)
  • 05 October: 10:00am, Room S1, 7 George Sq: Patrick Honeybone
  • 14 September 10:30am, Room 1.17, DSB: Kickoff/AMC Welcome