FITS: From Inglis to Scots: Mapping Sounds to Spellings

FITS LogoFrom Inglis to Scots: Mapping Sounds to Spellings (FITS)
Corpus under construction

Currently under construction, this corpus will survey the variation in spelling within the earliest recorded period of Scots (based on the data in LAOS).  The objective is to elucidate the language’s underlying sound system, via the orthographic alternations within the Germanic morphemes of the corpus, as well as suggesting how their sound and spelling features developed from proposed sources.  As in the case of CoNE, the corpus of forms (here the spelling and sound values of Germanic root-morphemes in LAOS) is accompanied by a corpus of changes tracing the attested forms back to a proposed source.  The FITS team are Bettelou Los (PI), Rhona Alcorn (Co-investigator), Warren Maguire (Co-investigator), Joanna Kopaczyk (RA), Benjamin Molineaux (RA), and Vasilis Karaiskos (Programmer).

In parallel, Daisy Smith, a doctoral candiate on the project, is exploring the orthographic variation across the inflectional morphology of the same LAOS data.

 The FITS project is funded by AHRC grant number AH/L004542/1 (for period 2014-20189).