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Author(s)YearChapterTitleVol. Ed.Book/JournalTitleNr(Iss)pp.PlacePublisherSubjectCommentShelf
McClure, J. Derrick1994English in ScotlandBurchfield, RobertThe Cambridge history of the English language. Vol. 5. English in Britain and overseas: Origins and development.23-93CambridgeCambridge University PressScots and Scottish Englishphotocopy2,2
Kristensson, Gilles1997The dialects of Middle EnglishHickey, Raymond and Stanislaw PuppelLanguage history and linguistic modelling655-664BerlinMoutonMiddle English dialects2,2
McIntosh, Angus; Samuels, M.L.; Benskin, M.1987Guide to A linguistic atlas of Late Mediaeval EnglishA linguistic atlas of Late Mediaeval English2-23AberdeenAberdeen University PressMiddle English dialects14 offprints2,2
Murakami, Ryuta1988A catalogue of early northern Middle English manuscriptsEnglish Language and English Literature2961-123Middle English bibliographyoffprint2,2
Full journal1992/93Scottish Language11/12two copies of the journal2,2
Abercrombie, D. 1949What is a 'letter'?Lingua254-63Graphology2,2
Aitken, A.J.1981The good old Scots tongue. Does Scots have an identity?Haugen, E., J.D. McClure and D. ThomsonMinority languages today72-90EdinburghEdinburgh University PressScots identity2,2
Aitken, A.J.1989The lexicography of Scots two hundred years since: Ruddiman and his successorsMackenzie, J. Lachlan and Richard ToddIn other words: Transcultural studies in philology, translation and lexicology235-245DordrechtForisScots lexicography2,2
Aitken, A.J.1994Progress in the study of Modern Scots since 1948Fenton, A. and D. McDonaldStudies in Scots and Gaelic1-40EdinburghCanongateHistory of Scots studiestwo different ms versions of the paper2,2
Bradley, Henry1913On the relations between spoken and written language with special reference to English. Paper read at the International Historical CongressProceedings of the British Academy6LondonBritish AcademyGraphophonologywith a note saying "a splendid paper"2,2
Britton, Derek1992Of contreth mattersNeophilologus76283-289Etymology2,2
Full journal1957Transactions of the Philological Society1957Scots phonologyof special interest: Catford, J. "Vowel systems of Scots dialects"2,2
Fleischman, Suzanne2000Methodologies and ideologies in historical linguistics: On working with older languagesHerring, S., P. van Reenen and L. SchøslerTextual parameters in older languages33-58AmsterdamJohn BenjaminsHistorical linguistics2,2
Görlach, Manfred1984Scots and Low German: The social history of two minority languagesGörlach, ManfredFocus on: Scotland1-18AmsterdamJohn BenjaminsScots identity and history2,2
Johnston, Paul1997Older Scots phonology and its regional variationJones, CharlesThe Edinburgh history of the Scots language47-111EdinburghEdinburgh University PressScots phonologyonly pp. 47-552,2
King, Anne1997The inflectional morphology of Older ScotsJones, CharlesThe Edinburgh history of the Scots language156-181EdinburghEdinburgh University PressScots morphologyonly pp. 156-158, 180-1812,2
Kniezsa, Veronika1976To the phonetical aspects of the development of the standard Scots vowel systemActa Linguistica Academiae Scientarum Hungaricae26(3-4)457-466Scots phonology2,2
Macafee, Caroline1989Middle Scots dialects - extrapolating backwardsMcClure, J. D. and M. SpillerBryght lanternis: Essays on the language and literature of medieval and renaissance Scotland429-441AberdeenAberdeen University PressScots dialectology2,2
McIntosh, Angus1954The study of Scots in relation to other subjectsOrbis3(1)173-177Scots dialectology2,2
McIntosh, Angus1989The dialectology of mediaeval Scots: Some possible approaches to its studyMcIntosh, Angus, M. L. Samuels and Margaret LaingMiddle English dialectology: Essays on some principles and problems81-85AberdeenAberdeen University PressScots dialectology2,2
McIntosh, Angus1989Is Sir Tristem and English or a Scottish poem?Mackenzie, J. Lachlan and Richard ToddIn other words: Transcultural studies in philology, translation and lexicology85-95DordrechtForisManuscript studies2,2
Meurman-Solin, Anneli1997Change from above or below? Patterns and directions of change in the history of Scottish EnglishScots phonology and morphologyUnpublished ms2,2
Speitel, Hans-Henning1969An areal typology of isoglosses: Isoglosses near the Scottish-English borderZeitschrift für Dialektologie und Linguistik3649-66Scots dialectology2,2
Speitel, Hans-Henning1972The stressed vowels in Standard Scottish English: A reply to D. BaehrZeitschrift für Dialektologie und Linguistik39215-216Scottish English phonology2,2
Speitel, Hans-Henning1975Caller Ou!' An Edinburgh fishwives' cry and an old Scottish sound changeScottish Studies1969-73Etymology2,2
Speitel, Hans-Henning1981The geographical position of the Scots dialect in relation to the Highlands of ScotlandBenskin, Michael and M.L. SamuelsSo meny people longages and tonges: Philological essays in Scots and mediaeval English presented to Angus McIntosh107-129EdinburghEdinburgh University PressScots dialectology2,2
Speitel, Hans-Henning; Mather, James Y.1968Schottische Dialektologie: Zur TerminologieSchmitt, Ludwig ErichGermanische Dialektologie: Festschrift für Walther Mitzka zum 80. Geburtstag520-541WiesbadenFranz SteinerScots dialectology2,2
Williams, O. T.1910The development of AI and EI in Middle ScotchTransactions of the Philological Society285-287Scots phonology2,2
Williams, O. T.1911On A, Ā, and Æ in the rimes of Barbour's Brus and in Modern Scotch dialectsTransactions of the Philological Society7-26Scots phonology2,2
Williamson, Keith2006Further reflections on the outcomes of Nerthern Fronting in Older ScotsScots phonologyPaper presented at 14ICEHL, Bergamo2,2
Young, Douglas1946"Plastic Scots" and the Scottish literary tradition: An authoritative introduction to a controversy1-32GlasgowDunedin SocietyScottish literatureAn epitome of an address delivered to the Dunedin Society (pamphlet)2,2
Burton, T. L.1991On the current state of Middle English dialectologyLeeds studies in English167-208LeedsUniversity of LeedsMiddle English dialectology2,2