Corpus Linguistics in Scotland annual meeting

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On 2 December 2016, the AMC hosted the annual meeting of the Corpus Linguistics in Scotland network. The theme this year was ‘Diachrony through Corpora’ and it attracted around 40 participants from Scotland, northern and southern England, and abroad. Our guest speakers gave talks on tracing change and variation in sound and spelling systems, in syntactic constructions as well as metaphorical lexis. We also offered an opportunity for postgraduate students to present work in progress, which was followed by focussed group discussion and a general follow-up. This innovative format went down very well with all participants!

For all slides, follow the links below.

Benjamin Molineaux (Edinburgh): Spelling variation in historical corpora: A window to sound change (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3)

Robert Truswell (Edinburgh): Diachronic syntax with and without parsed corpora

Wendy Anderson (Glasgow): Warp and weft: following lexical threads in diachronic corpora

Hiroshi Yadomi (Glasgow): The Corpus of Sermons in Early Modern England: Methodological issues in corpus-based idiolectal analysis

Anna D. Havinga (Aberdeen): Code-switching in late medieval council registers from Aberdeen

Karoliina Ollikainen (Glasgow): References to authority in early English medical writing

Daisy Smith (Edinburgh): Presenting statistical analysis to historical linguists


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