AMC’s Rhona Alcorn to become Chief Executive of the Scottish Language Dictionaries

NIK_8199We are delighted to announce that the AMC’s Depute Director, Dr Rhona Alcorn, has recently been appointed Chief Executive of the Scottish Language Dictionaries.

The SLD, an Associate Institution to the University of Edinburgh, is the major body for the lexicography of the Scots language. It oversees the great scholarly heritage that produced A Dictionary of the Older Scottish Tongue and The Scottish National Dictionary. These works, which underpin the combined and enhanced online version, the Dictionary of the Scots Language, are rightly celebrated as major Scottish cultural achievements. SLD also aspires to support users of Scots in reflecting on, and building greater confidence in, their use of the language.

Rhona’s new appointment is a part-time one, which means that she will continue her duties as AMC Depute Director and as Chancellor’s Fellow at the University of Edinburgh’s department of Linguistics and English Language.

Among her many exciting academic endeavors, Rhona is responsible for introducing a new and highly successful History of Scots course, as well as spearheading several research projects on Older Scots (such as the £1M grant for the FITS Project) and Middle English (such as TIMESS).

Congratulations to Rhona and to the SLD!

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