Carnegie grant to study preaspiration in North Germanic awarded to AMC affiliate Pavel Iosad


Highlighted: the word ‘tott’ in a recording from Evje in Setesdal captured in the Nordic Dialect Corpus:

Dr. Pavel Iosad, Lecturer in Theoretical Phonology at the University of Edinburgh and an AMC affiliate, has been awarded a one-year Carnegie Research Initiative Grant for the project: Preaspiration in North Germanic: interval variation and language history.  The project will see him gathering new, fine grained acoustic data from two Norwegian dialects in order to conduct quantitative analysis on the phenomenon of preaspiration. Although it is a typologically rare feature of languages, preaspiration is documented in Northern European languages as diverse as Sámi, Icelandic and Gaelic, pointing to the possibility of a contact as an explanation for its emergence. The details of the phenomenon in present-day languages of the area – such as this Dr. Iosad will be unearthing – are crucial in order to fit together the synchronic and diachronic pieces of this puzzle.

Congratulations, Pavel!

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