AMC to host academic studying sound-spelling correspondences in LAEME

The AMC is delighted to have one of its affiliates, Marie Vaňková, visiting us (26-29 Nov, 2018) from Charles University, Prague, where she is a PhD candidate focusing on materials from the Linguistic Atlas of Early Middle English (LAEME). Marie’s research uses novel computational methods in order to trace the sound-to-spelling mappings within and across texts in Early Middle English, a period where both sounds and spellings are known to be particularly variable. The outcome of this research will be a comprehensive database of the possible correspondences.

During her stay, Marie will have a chance to meet with LAEME’s compiler, Meg Laing, as well as with the programmer behind much of the AMC tools, Vasilis Karaiskos. In order to discuss issues in the theory and practice of grapho-phonological research, Marie will also be meeting with members of the From Inglis To Scots Project team, Rhona Alcorn and Ben Molineaux.

We look forward to welcoming Marie, and to a fruitful interchange of ideas and methods!

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