CHM: The Corpus of Historical Mapudungun

CHMThis resource is the main proposed outcome of the Leverhulme Early Career Fellowship project “Digital methods in New-World language change: Words & sounds in older Mapudungun” awarded to Benjamin Molineaux and due to run between April 2018 and March 2021 at the AMC.

The Corpus of Historical Mapudungun (CHM) will be linguistically tagged corpus of the earliest writings in Mapudungun, the ancestral language of the Mapuche people of south-central Chile and Argentina, bringing together missionary, military, ethnographic and linguistic texts from 1606 to 1930.

The entire dataset will be available to users as a series of XML and TXT files, but will also have a custom-built interface (developed by Vasilios Karaiskos) allowing for searches at different levels of linguistic structure (lexical, morphological, phonological, orthographic), and for correlations with metadata such as date, location and author.