FITS project’s Joanna Kopaczyk to give plenary at HEL-P conference

P1030212The History of English Language in Poznań biannual conference (HEL-P), organised by the Department of the History of English at Adam Mickiewicz University, will be headlined by two of the AMC’s own: Joanna Kopaczyk (Glasgow) and Julia Fernández Cuesta (Sevilla)

This first iteration of the HEL-P series will take place from 25th to 26th November, 2017, and aims to bring together Polish and international scholars studying the history of the English language.

Joanna, who is a member of the AMC-based From Inglis To Scots project, will be giving us her ideas “On the impossibility (?) of historical corpus phonology”, by surveying some of the applications of the FITS grapho-phonologically parsed corpus of historical Scots.

Julia, an AMC Affiliate and FITS-project advisor, will be speaking on “Anecdotal evidence: The evolution of Old Northumbrian in context”. She will give the audience a glimpse into the types of questions and possible answers one might obtain while investigating the northernmost materials for Old English.

The event promises to be a fascinating one, with plenty of insight into the northernmost early Anglic dialects.  Best wishes to all participants!

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